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Make Sure to Buy Live Lobster for Its Crazy Taste

By Sandikar

The quality of lobsters is higher in look and taste, if they are alive at the time of purchase. The taste enriches, if live lobsters are cooked the day they are purchased. Live lobsters are available for purchase at grocery stores in the marketplace. You can also get them delivered to your door early in the morning.The time of preparation of these live lobsters  and cooking may change a lot as it depends on the recipe you are cooking. Mnay of the recipes will require you to mix all the ingredients, marinate the lobsters with the mixture and leave them overnight to incrsease theirs taste & enhancement. You are required to mix all the ingredients at omce and now cook the delicious lobsters at once. The Live lobster become tastier when they are deep fried.


Make sure to take notice whether lobsters in the tank are active or not, before you make a purchase. Check if lobsters curl their tails when you lift them out of water in the tank. Once brought to home, cook them as early as possible. Refrigerate the lobsters if you are not in mind to cook them right now. Make sure to cover or wrap the lobsters with a wet towel.

Live lobster, if cooked the moment next to the purchase, retain the most inviting flavor and delicious taste. However, freshly cooked lobsters are also available in the market. It is a nice option for those who don’t want to wake up in the morning and visit the market in quest of live lobsters. Check if the lobsters, you are about to buy, are freshly cooked. Don’t be sure to get quality meat from the lobsters which are left for long in the shell.

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