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Make Kony Famous!

Posted on the 07 March 2012 by Kbo @VampPerfection

konyUsually I refrain from posting things about politics on this site unless they are particularly salient or involving an issue that is supported by a True Blood cast member. This is one of those salient moments and here’s why. Last night a link to YouTube and a request to retweet it and spread the word popped up on this site’s twitter while I was on my phone. I clicked on it and was eventually led to a 29 minute film that had me glued to my iPhone, made me cry, and prompted me to write this post.

My aim is simple; I want to make Joseph Kony famous.

Joseph Kony is the head of the Lord’s Resistance Army which he started in Uganda. In the last 26 years he has taken over 30,000 children, given them guns, and forced them to kill. Children who become child soldiers is an issue I’m sure many of you reading this post are aware of. I am. But I never had a definitive example until now. Kony is not the leader of Uganda. In fact he has no government or country support at all save for a group of dedicated individuals who follow him around. This is why he takes children. As of this post Kony is still wanted by the International Criminal Court (ICC) for his crimes against humanity. He has moved around central Africa, beyond Uganda, continuing to take children. Thanks to Jason Russell and a boy he met named Jacob while in Uganda, he won’t stay that way. Russell made a film that was released on the internet on March 5 to let the world know who Kony is and how to stop him. Watch Russell’s film below and learn how you can change the face of human history:

To buy your action kit or donate, click here to visit the Invisible Children website. I will make Kony Famous in 2012. Will you do the same?

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