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Make a Splash With These Cool Bath Toys for Kids!

By Jakemontgomery @LTDOnlineStores

Getting your kids to sit still while you scrub them clean can be a bit of a challenge. Keeping them entertained is the key to a smooth bath time experience that is non-problematic. While some parents grew up in times when the only toys you had were rocks, times have changed and there are some pretty neat kids bathroom toys out there.

After browsing the web and keeping my eye out for cool new bathroom toys, I came across these. A bit of forewarning, these toys may result in the sudden urge to relive your childhood. Remember, let your kids have at it before you decide to steal all the fun!

Bath Toys for Kids

5 Off the Wall Bath Toys for Kids!

1. Potty Putter

This is perfect for the Dad who hopes to teach his child to fill his putting shoes. EZ Drinker Toilet Golf allows you to get some practice in while you do your business. While this bathroom toy may seem humorous, it’s actually a lot of fun! Besides, what else do you have to do while you sit on the toilet? Tweet your friends? This potty putter is available on Amazon for just $11.80.

Potty Putter Bath Toys for Kids

2. Homestar Spa Bathtub Planetarium

Yet again, another weird way Sega is making its way into the bathroom. You may remember the Sega Video Game Urinal that we covered a few months back? Well now it seems that Sega Toys has developed an out of this world bathtub planetarium. A waterproof planetarium floats in the tub and projects a bright light. This planetarium works great for kids and adults. Kids will love staring at the cool designs on the ceiling while adults will favor the ambient lighting display that it creates.

Homestar Spa Bathtub Planetarium by Sega Toys

3. Tolo Toys Funtime Fishing

Turn bath time into fun time with this whimsical fishing set. It comes with a fishing pole and 3 colorful fish. The fish have not been named yet so you can have fun giving them their own amusing names! Your kids can actually learn how to fish at an early age with this set. A magnetic worm attracts fish as your son/daughter reels in a catch. And who doesn’t love bubbles? When you submerge the fish underwater, the fish release a stream of bubbles. Available on Amazon for $18.62.

Tolo Funtime Fishing

4. Runny Nose Shower Gel

The runny nose shower gel dispenser might make you cringe at the sight of mucus hanging from a giant nose. Your kids will have fun watching the gross liquid pour out onto their hands. What’s better will be the look of confusion as parents encourage them to make sure they use it to get a good scrub in! While it can’t combine several bath liquids into one like the Tubotec Dispenser, the runny nose shower gel dispenser is sure to get a laugh out of your kids and get them excited about washing up!

Runny Nose Shower Gel

5. Gelli Baff

What is Gelli Baff? Quite possibly the best thing since the very invention of the bubble bath. I know, I know, this is a very bold statement to make but please just give me a moment to explain. Gelli Baff is a special concoction that can be mixed into bath water. After a few quick churns, bath water turns into a slimy goo that kids will love playing with. Available in an assortment of playful colors, Gelli baff won’t stain carpet, clothes, or tiles. Think of it as taking a bath in a giant slushee. Relaxing, I know.

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