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Major Prom Dresses Traps and How to Escape from Them!

By Mahnoor Malik @MahnoorMalik90

Prom dresses are the most popular and favorite dress of majority of teenagers. While dressing with prom dress especially with high low prom dress, one needs to take care of lots of things which could collectively make awesome and stunning outlook of a girl. It comprises of arranging various things like the dress, the jewelry, the bag, the perfect curly updo, the shoes and the makeup. All these elements coordinate to make the girl feel special and so it is necessary that nothing goes wrong with it which could lead to end up with a prom disaster.

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Although being so cautious with these prom dresses, it could end up with something unexpected. So through this article we are listing some of the unexpected traps in which someone might unfortunately get trapped up. Along with that we are listing the solutions to escape from those traps. Let us have a look on that:

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  • Trap #1: Overloading on sparkle: One may dream about being getting surrounded with jewels, sequins as well as glitters. It definitely looks good, but if overloaded, it may not look as attractive and subtle as expected. It would look good if one dress with sparkle and other accessories remain neutral as well as subdued. This way the dress would be centerpiece giving a stunning look.

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  • Trap #2: Being overdressed: It is better not to be overdressed so that it looks like you are going to a formal function. It is better to wear a semi-formal dress which could go proper with the event.

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  • Trap #3: Being underdressed: Majority of the prom dresses are formal but according to the event one may select the dress. Floor-length dresses as well as fancy mini dresses are widely accepted for proms; just one may need to make sure that the fabric is formal as well. It is better to avoid casual fabrics.

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  • Trap #4: Wearing an ill-fitting dress: If the dress is too big or the top is too small that looks as a dragging hem or looks snugly will not look good for any event. An ill-fitting dress will not suit for any of the occasion and so it is important to choose proper fitting prom dress that could look proper with the event.

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  • Trap #5: Being too matchy: One should prefer to mix up the combinations of complimentary colors which look attractive. Having too much of the same color on ones body will make people stare at you but not in a good way. So be stylish by wearing complimentary combinations.
  • Trap #6: Not matching enough: One should take care of proper dressing which could coordinate with the accessories ahead of the time. One should avoid clashing of colors, pairing awkward textures together as well as mixing up of prints. One should not feel like you have worn any awkward combination of dress.

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  • Trap #7: Showing way too much skin: Exposing too much of skin by wearing low-cut with side cut-outs and a slit up to the thighs would never look good. Showing little skin would look fine as well as classy as compared of showing too much skin which looks classless.

Major Prom Dresses

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Thus, these were some of the major prom dress traps that one should avoid and try to escape from them.

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