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By Phoenixwriter @naesnest


Pick me up and send me away

Take me to Wolf, take me today

I need his touch.  It soothes and heals

His soul is needed to break the seal

No one else can help, I am in great need.

My soul needs repaired for my will to proceed

Without him I am wounded, my world upside down

His soul is mine and mine is his

Torn apart, the pain of a broken heart

Nothing can harm me, with the wolf by my side

Majestic he is, my spirit guide

He talks to the moon, he speaks to the wind

Our spirits dance, he is my twin

We speak the same language

We share the same thoughts

His heart may be broken, his soul incomplete

We share the same pain.  When will it end?

I am fighting so hard. Lord, my body please mend.

A wave of your hand, the feel of your breath

Full of healing power, My prayer please accept

Renee Robinson


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