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Maintaining Oral Hygiene for Kids

Posted on the 23 April 2014 by Health_news

Maintaining Oral Hygiene for Kids

Oral Hygiene

Oral Hygiene is essential for one and all. People often tend to ignore it and land in situations like tooth decaying, root canal, cavities, etc… A healthy smile and teeth is an indicator of hygiene levels. The major challenge which people face is maintaining the oral hygiene and teeth of their kids and children.  Parents often fail to understand the time wherein they should start considering oral hygiene for their kids or children. As a result of this, the base and the formation of tooth from the gums come out to be crooked or weak. Thus, by following few tips and steps recommended by the respective child specialist, parents can indeed take great care of their kids with respect to oral hygiene and teeth build up.

How to Maintain Healthy Teeth for Kids and Children?

When should you exactly buy your child’s first tooth brush? The answer is as soon as you find signs of teeth build up in your kids. Prior to teeth build up it is essential to clean one’s baby’s mouth with the help of a clean soft washing cloth. Tooth decay is one of the prevalent problems which are seen in children in the age group of 6 years to 19 years.Hence, check out the following steps and go ahead for healthy oral hygiene.

  • Start immediately: The dental department recommends parents to consult dentist for the oral hygiene of their babies before they turn one. This ensures safety in the nascent years itself. The more the delay for oral hygiene, the more is the cost and damage incurred by people for this. Also dental costs are way lower for infants. Hence, by starting consulting early, parents can ensure healthy teeth maintaining in kids.
  • Make your child learn and adopt good habits: A child’s habit shape as they are taught by the parents. Hence, parents should ensure to make their kids or children adopt good learning for their betterment. Brushing is the most essential habit right from childhood. Parents can gently clean the gums of their infant babies. A Clean gum is the formation of healthy teeth build up. Parents should ensure to teach their children about the goodness of brushing their teeth twice a day. They should understand about cavities and its adverse effects.
  • Avoid Bottles for baby: Bottle feeding is regarded to be a trigger for tooth decaying amongst babies. Parents should not let their babies sleep while sipping milk from bottle. This creates bacteria which is harmful for the child’s tooth. Thus, parents should only use bottle for providing water to their baby.
  • Say no to medicines: Since parents get into emotional trap very easily, they easily purchase sweet and sugary tonics and syrups for their infants as well as kids. These sugary flavored tonics tend to stick to the tooth which eventually leads towards decaying of tooth. Kids who are facing chronic problems like asthma, heart problems, etc… suffer through tooth decaying the most.
  • Stay disciplined for oral hygiene: Parents should stand still and firm when their kids or children make a fussy face for avoiding oral hygiene. They should not get trapped with their tears or tantrums and ensure to make them brush twice a day. Parents should make them learn about oral hygiene and its importance.

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