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Mail on Sunday YOU Magazine a Huge Success!

Posted on the 12 April 2011 by Menopausesupport @menopauseadvice

So a big thank you to everyone who gave their menopause story to journalist Rosanna Greenstreet.

If you haven’t seen the article ‘Menopause: A change for the better ..... or worse?’ in this Sunday’s YOU magazine then click on the link:

The article is full of real stories, including some great celebrities, on how women find their menopause.  What continually strikes me is how different everyone’s experience is.  Each woman’s menopause is totally unique.  Women must be encouraged to find the information and advice they need to make their own treatment decisions, whether that’s HRT, lifestyle changes, complementary therapies or a mix of all three!

The many appreciative comments on the Mail Online comment board and the response on the Menopause Support website shows how important this type of reporting is.  BT from Chester writes:

“How refreshing to see the ‘side effects’ of the menopause described so openly and candidly by such a variety of women.  This subject never seems to get the publicity it deserves and women over 50, like myself, tend to think they are the only ones suffering....”

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