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Magpie for Leopard.

By Thestyletreaty @thestyletreaty
magpie for leopard. 
I've had a fun, jam-packed weekend with the girls once again (apologies for the lack of posts). I was going to do an outfit post as they've been going down well, but in all honesty, today was spent in my trackies and old school leavers hoodie with a very tired face! So today I've decided to share with you all another little treat I've stumbled upon on my online shopping ... browsing? sessions. You're all no strangers to the fact I'm like a magpie when it comes to all things leopard. It's a print you have to do carefully and I usually wear only when highlighting an outfit. However this weekend, I wore probably one of my best purchases EVER. An all over leopard print dress from TOPSHOP that I bought earlier this year. I've never received so many compliments. It's only a jersey fabric but it make's me feel a million bucks, plus it fits me like a glove (don't you just love it when that happens?!). It's a simple v neck, that brings you in at the waist with a tulip skirt. (this season's version can be found here). Unfortunately, I don't have any images of me wearing it, but it got me thinking about something I spotted a few months ago and I have since re-kindled my un-dying love for it. I spotted it on the TOPSHOP website (no surprise there!) and can not stop thinking about it. There is something very wrong, but so right about this... It infuses the likes of D&G with a hint of 'Pretty Women' and some Kat Slater thrown into the mix! But I honestly think this is stunning. Literally worn by itself: black heels, no jewellery, hair loose with natural makeup just adding some red hot lips. I've totally found myself a winner... *Christmas list, Size 8.*
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magpie for leopard.

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