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Magnolias are valued for their showy, fragrant flowers. That plant is the official state flower of Mississippi and Louisiana states .
Magnolia is a large genus consisting of 210 species in the subfamily Magnolioideae of the family Magnoliaceae. It's native plant  of eastern North America, Central America and the West Indies also east and southeast Asia. Magnolias are grown for their beautiful flowers, fruits, foliage, and plant forms.
By the way "Magnolia bouquets" are very beautiful.
Magnolia (New Line Platinum Series)
The Magnolia flowers may be white, pink or purple. Magnolia flowers size ranges from 3-12 inch in diameter. Some species of Magnolias have strap-shaped petals depending on the species. Magnolias seeds may remain dormant for many years (15-20 years). Magnolia flowers are protogynous, appearing with or before leaves. The tepals of Magnolias are 9-15. Stamens are present on elongate torus, early deciduous; filaments white or purple, very short; anthers introrse or latrorse.
Facts About Magnolia
* Magnolia tree may be deciduous, semi-evergreen or evergreen plants.
* Magnolia leaves are usually dark, lustrous green on the upper side, but the leaves are light green, fuzzy reddish-brown or even silvery on the lower side.
* Magnolia fruit size varies from 1-8 inches.
* Magnolias bear reddish brown seeds coming in early fall (September through November).
* Plants belonging to the family to the Magnoliaceae are believed to be dating back to 95 million years ago.
* The magnolia family is one of the most primitive group of angiosperms (Phylogeny & Evolution of Angiosperms).
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