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Machine Learning Train & Test Data

Posted on the 03 May 2020 by Asik Ali @Asikali077

Machine Learning Train & Test Data

Intresting yet its basic !!

Train Data || Test Data in Machine Learning.

Either we get a CSV with 100 rows as first step we must split 7 (train) : 3 (test) data , okay ?

What is Train Data & Test Dat in Machine Learning ?

When I went to a restaurant for first time,

An American goes to an Indian restaurant, the waiter is showing this is “IDLY”, but the American is asking where is my “BURGER” ? But he got a glance of the “IDLY”

Then second time then Waiter still showing the “IDLY” to an American, he confused and thingking himself why this food is odorless ? and round in shape? colorless ?

Then the third time the Waiter shows him “Methu Vada” that time the American realizes its not “IDLY” this is how human records the data and trains(memorize) in his mind, what is it ? what is not?

Likewise, we need to split the data as Train data – to Train Machine Leraning Program (the time that machine utlizes to train the data) Once we train the data and using the test data we can expect the prediction out of it, them we can assure our prediction is RIGHT.

Example – Titanic Data –

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By Priyesh Shah
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