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MAC on Me...

By Thestyletreaty @thestyletreaty
Over the past few months, I've grown to love and therefore parted with money frequently, for a makeup brand with which I think most girls out there can totally agree when I say it's one of the best on the market.
MAC's range of makeup is huge. You're never lost for choice plus their customer service is always the best. So if you're ever unsure about your purchase, you'll always have an expert on hand. I'm particuarly fond of their lipsticks: they do a huge collection from glossys to mattes to glitters, so you'll never struggle to find what you're looking for. The RRP is £13.50. I know their prices went up recently and a few people have complained, but I've looked at other lipsticks and you really are paying for quality with MAC. For me personally, no other brand compares!
Today I'm sharing with you my top 3. They go from day to night and I think my lips would feel somewhat lonesome without them! 
MAC on me...MAC on me...
MAC on me...
I bought this lipstick to whack on during the day as I find wearing a dark day color can often be a little harsh. This lipstick has the 'SATIN' effect. This means it applys quite thickly and gives your lips a matte look with an added sheen. I often find with nude lipsticks they can be really unflattering and would never recommend anyone who has dry lips to wear the color as it will highlight any dry skin problems that you have. This lipstick has a slightly darker tone to it, so you still have that nude effect but it also attracts and blends in nicely with your natural lip tone rather than being a stark contrast. Always good if you're like me and blessed with naturally rosy lips!
MAC on me... 
 Chatterbox was my first MAC lipstick and in fact my first MAC product! It still remains, one of my favorite makeup items and without a doubt my favorite lipstick. Chatterbox is from the AMPLIFIED collection and it really does have that 'I've had botox' effect. The color is a hot pink, which I know scares a lot of people and can put people off wanting to look 'Barbie-fied' . However, its not a 'scary in your face' pink, it's actually quite subtle and beautiful when applied. There's always that rule of don't do the eyes and the lips with makeup, but you can totally get away with wearing a smokey eye effect and this lipstick combined. I 100% recommend you grab this lipstick as it'll be the best addition you've ever had to your makeup bag. I've already had 3 friends go out and buy it after they've seen me wear it!MAC on me...
This lipstick is completely different from the other two. Whereas the finish with them both is matte and voluptuous, this is more of a gloss with a slight amount of volume. It was bought as a substitute to wearing full on vampy red lipstick. I love the fact that when applying this it almost stains your lips, so eventually as it wears off during the day, you still have color remaining on the whole of your lip rather then embarassing patches appearing. I would say this is definitely one to wear with the rest of your natural makeup... you do not want to look too intimidating! I usually just apply one coat on the bottom, rub lips together and its then perfect for daywear, as the color comes out more of a soft peachy red. However in the picture above, I have applied another coat. You can see it's easy to layer without getting that puffy
#I'vejuststuckmylipsiniceing effect. I'd recommend this one to anyone who's scared of going for a bright red lipstick. Fantastic alternative!
You can check out the full range of MAC Lipsticks by clicking HERE!
 What is your favorite MAC lipstick, or even MAC product?
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Disclaimer: These were all purchased by me with my own money, MAC is not paying me to write this post. I honestly 100% believe they produce fabulous products and recommend you get your butts down to your nearest MAC retailer!

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