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#lyf American Adventure - Day Eleven

Posted on the 18 October 2014 by Abolishconfusion @ac_mag
The end. Home time. Strangely, I'm ok about that. I have loved this past ten days but I struggle living out of a suitcase. I'm so glad I made this journey on my own, it would have been a completely different experience with somebody else and I wouldn't have gained as much, learnt as much, realised as much or met as many cool people. I haven't felt lonely, at all, I haven't had time too!
The sun was shining, it was actually warm as I left Music City. I have enjoyed it here but I'm not sure I'd come back, not for a long time anyway, three days was enough. I'm not particularly into touristy things or cliches and that's what it is/for, it certainly lives up to its NashVegas nickname. That's not a bad thing, it just isn't for me, I'd still recommend it, plus, the people are lovely. It just isn't Austin. Ha! That place felt like home from the start. 
Austin is cool without pretension, full with unconventionally pretty people who can probably draw really well. Although I went for the music it was the atmosphere and vibe that won me over. The friendliness isn't put on, although (thankfully) the 'weirdness' has faded away (I hate that hippy crap), there is a strong sense of community and support for non-corporates, I'm not anti-corporate but I like good ethics. 
Buses are funny here, the drivers have full on conversations with passengers and the bike racks are on the front, you'd be buggered if it crashed! Nashville airport was nice, quiet, no queuing, the people said nice things to me. They have musicians playing all over! Had a Burger King, first time in years, tasted fine but every mouthful felt disgusting. You order by number here, rather than name, I was corrected. 
Left the hostel at 10am Friday, slightly earlier than needed, I won't get home until 7pm Saturday crazy. That does include a few hours in NYC and London, plus the time difference. I've only been in the air eight hours. 
I like airports, they are methodical. Flight one to NYC was easy and short. Funny flying over New York, it looked so organised in its rows and blocks. Then as the plane lowered it was like a pop-up book with all the sky scrapers poking up from the ground. It was cool landing in LaGuardia which is pretty much clung on to the river, the view of the Manhattan skyline was ace! The airport lacks helpful people which isn't great when you have a plane to catch at JFK in three hours. New York is stressful. Started to panic when I couldn't get the first shuttle but the ticket guy was a bit of dude and I calmed. It felt so frantic, opened my Sweet Southern Heat BBQ flavoured crisps, they actually tasted like Texas! Austin had this distinct smokey smell that nestled throughout the city. The class divide driving through Queens to JFK couldn't be more blatant, there were slums next door to palaces, kept the southern trend going by sparking up on a convo in the shuttle bus, might try it on the tubes, jokes, I'd get shot! The sun was setting over Manhattan, so pretty. Although it was stressful, rush hour traffic (I had bags of time, I'm just a worrier) it was cool to see New York, plus the driver drove like a nutter, always a fan of that sort of behavior. 
Got to JFK in plenty of time, my bag nearly went to Argentina, the poor lass sorting luggage out was having a mare until my perky face entered her world. Not even kidding, even when she fucked up I got her LOLing. After checking out all the shops in departures a couple of times I spent my last dollars on an $11 pint! 
Another late flight. Annoying. Only by fifty minutes though. New York looked cool as well flew out with all its lights on. Ate pasta, the chicken came with mushroom sauce, wankers. It was real good, came with salad, bread, crackers, cheese, brownie and wine. Three courser! American Airlines > BA for comfort, grub and entertainment. Watched Noah. Intense and shit. And a few episodes of Girls. Less intense, less shit. Fell asleep. Woke up. Very confused. An easy flight. I like flying, I'd make a good jet setter. That thought my change if jet lag is still screwing me up in a few days. Coming back into London the Eastenders view was pretty cool too. 
I might not have broken America but it took a shine to me. BRB

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