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By Raymondleejewelers @raymondleejwlrs

Patek Philippe 5296R Calatrava 18k Rose Gold Eggshell Dial Mens Watch

Have you sat down to really think about the most expensive luxury watches from all the major brands? Why not? It’s a nice exercise in meditation and French pronunciation. Or at least the practice of picking one’s jaw up off the floor because these prices. They are bananas, but the watches, they are gorgeous. And powerful, and manufactured by luxury houses whose history spans centuries. Early watchmakers performed feats of engineering that laid the entire foundation for our modern watchmaking process- even with all of our new technology, the greatest leaps and bounds were made centuries ago in small Valle Joux workshops. It’s charming, impressive, and lends further fuel to the idea fact that smart watches – while extremely cool – will never replace the original luxury wristwatch. They’re two completely separate products, clearly, but only one transcends commoditization. You wouldn’t pass your Apple Watch down to your son on his wedding day (you probably won’t make it ’til Christmas 2015 without needing the Apple Watch 1SC or something.) You can’t imbue a smart watch with tradition, and memories. They’re two different animals, even though they’re both “luxury” and “watches.” But check out these luxury watches – the real deal – and tell me you can still call the comparison anything but Apple and oranges.

A Glimpse of Luxury Watches

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