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Lush Haul 2015

By Mollylouise
Lush Haul 2015Lush Haul 2015
Lush Haul 2015Creamy Candy Bubble Bar - £2.75
The scent of the bubble-bar reminds me of parma violet sweeties. The texture and is very oily and soft therefore it is easy to crumble underneath the tap. This product contains cocoa oils which is beneficial to the skin as well as almond oil which benefits your hair too! When used in the bath the scent fills the room and lingers for a while after bath time. 
Lush Haul 2015Butterball Bath Bomb - £2.65
Butterball is one of Lush's smaller bath bombs. The scent is not strong but is easily identifiable as a talcum powder smell. Similarly to the bubble bar it contains cocoa butter which is good for the skin as well as other oils such as ylang ylang oil which is used in aromatherapy treatments. On the top there are specs which I am presuming are popping-candy which makes bath time more exciting. 
Lush Haul 2015Ickle Baby Bot Bath Bomb - £1.95
Ickle Baby Bot is Lush's "pocket money" friendly bath bombs which can be broken up into small pieces to last up to 4-5 baths making the product good for value. The scent is subtle and light and the smell of lavender is a perfect partner for a relaxing evening. I often buy this bath ballistic to give to my younger brother who loves this robot. According to Lush this product is designed in treating younger skin as delicate as it is being a great option to those with dry and irritable skin. 
Lush Haul 2015Hoppity Bunny Bath Bomb - £2.50
This bath bomb is Lush's exclusive Easter range which I am desperately looking forward to use. Strangely the scent reminds me of Playdoh which is definitely a let down but the cuteness of the bath bomb is much more important to me. The bunny face is has green speckles which means bright colours are unleashed in your bath tub. 
Lush Haul 2015Granny Takes A Dip Bath Bomb - £3.35
Granny Takes A Dip first caught my attention because of it's colours but unfortunately the scent is not strong enough for my liking. The smell reminds me of your average shower gel which lets this product down. I can only guess that the novelty of this bath bomb is the bright colours that the bath water turns.
Lush Haul 2015Lush Haul 2015 
Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb - £3.35
Dragon's Egg was a recommended by the sales assistant Lucy who said this bath bomb was perfect for me being a 'Golden Wonder' lover, The scent is very zesty and citrusy and full of popping candy which is a bonus. Sadly mine was damaged but Lush is great no matter what the bath bomb looks like. 
Grand total: £16.55 
Reviews will be posted as and when I have tried them (hopefully very soon)

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