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Lunch for the Girls.

By Marensmorsels @marentweets

Hey guys, I’m finally getting posing figured out. Pictures with the iPhone and direct publishing from WordPress.

The morning continued, after breakfast with a little walk for Ace.

lunch for the girls.
lunch for the girls.

Isn’t Ace cute?! He makes me really want a dog again. I like all the walking and furry company.

After our walk Angelo, Gianna and I all nibbled on two Thin Mints!

lunch for the girls.
a delicious 80 calories.

Angelo had a play-date scheduled over lunch time so Gianna and I decided to have a girls lunch out. We both love In-N-Out Burger so we decided it would be the perfect lunch.

lunch for the girls.
I ordered a number 3. Which is a hamburger with fries and a drink. I like mine minus the tomato with mustard instead of secret sauce.

lunch for the girls.
My burger, minus sauce is 310 calories and I could only finish half the fries so they were 200. Gianna and I both realized we should have shared one fry because we both only ate half of ours.

lunch for the girls.
Reliving lunch through pictures is making my mouth water. So yummy.

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