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Lumie Clear - Six Weeks In.

By Katyscarlett @_katyscarlett
I have nothing new to report since my last update which you can read here. To be perfectly honest, I'm starting to lose interest and get a bit bored with the product. I just keep reminding myself that all the other reviews I've read say you don't notice any benefits til towards the end of the recommended 12 weeks of using it. I'm still using it, just on affected areas for 15 minutes. Hopefully this product will completely suprise me, but at the moment I'm really disheartened by the supposed results. I kind of feel like I should invest in something that has more instant results like a clarisonic which is pretty much the same price. I'm just hoping and praying the Lumie Clear changes my mind.
What are your thoughts on Lumie Clear? Let me know!
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