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Lumie Clear

By Katyscarlett @_katyscarlett
Lumie ClearLumie ClearLumie ClearLumie Clear
When Lumie Lights tweeted that they were looking for people to trial their Lumie Clear which is a natural way to treat mild to moderate acne, I jumped at the chance. I don't have terrible skin but its far from amazing. I have oily combination skin thats prone to breakouts, which gets worse after a few too many indulges in too much junk food. Plus I habit of being lazy with taking my make-up off which doesn't help either.I must admit I thought that this would be a little miracle, I would use it on my skin for 12 weeks and it will be fantastic. Today is the first day of using the product and I didn't fully realize the dedication involved in this product. If you are going to treat an area (for example your cheek) you need to hold it on the skin for 15 minutes, or if you would like to treat your whole face you put it on the stand, wear some funky yellow swimming type googles for around an hour. You need to do this every single day to see an improvement after 4 weeks.The product itself is very sleek and would be easy to wipe down to keep clean, though not to keen on the lime green case but that's just me being a snob! Plus it is a little bit expensive as it retails at £149.99 and if I was completely honest I probably wouldn't spend that sort of money on an electrical and would probably have a couple microdermabrasions instead, but what I will say is that if it does work, then £149 for better self confidence will be totally worth it.I will be using this everyday for 12 weeks and will probably do updates every two weeks or so. Wish me luck!You can read all the scientific knowledge on Lumies' website here."believe in yourself"

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