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Lucy the Dirt Dog

By Trailthelawson @trailthelawsons
Lucy the dirt dog

It is all about the dirt

Lucy is a dirt dog. She loves to roll in the dirt whenever possible. She is used to frequent baths but the new bath freshness only lasts for a short time until Lucy finds the next dirt patch. If there is snow available she rolls around and eats it. Pumpkin is always nice and clean as she is not interested in the dirt. LOL When Lucy goes on a hike, she likes to keep everyone together by running back and forth to check on our locations. She also likes to try to take a nap after a stop for water usually in the mud.

Hiking with Dirt

Lucy likes to roll in the grass but her favorite thing is to roll in the dirt. Usually at the beginning of a long hike Lucy will pick a nice dirt pile and roll in it to get super dirty.  Some hikers wear special hiking boots, Lucy’s favorite outfit is dirt on the trail.

lucy grass01 Lucy the dirt dog

Lucy loves the grass

Dirt mixed with snow is refreshing

When dirt is not available snow mixed with dirt is an ok alternative for Lucy. She rolls around and runs and eats as much snow as possible during her daily walks.

lucy snow Lucy the dirt dog

Lucy in the snow

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