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Low Emission Sports Apparel

By Golfrefugees

Continuing on from comparing the subject matters covered in reviews of sports apparel and sports vehicles. When you drive a car the amount of tax you pay is affected by the stated emissions for that vehicle. Higher polluting vehicles are banded in higher tax brackets for business mileage. You also have to pay congestion charges to drive higher polluting cars in cities. However, if you drive very low emission vehicles you are exempt from these taxes. How about rolling this concept out onto other consumer products, to encourage more environmentally friendly manufacturing? For example if you wear low emission sports apparel (LESA) you could have a reduction in the fees you pay to play sport and a reduction in ticket prices to watch sporting events. There are ways to significantly reduce the amount of CO2 emissions when manufacturing apparel. Imagine paying less to play around of golf if you wear a low polluting polo shirt or pay less to watch a golf tournament as a spectator if you wear LESA. Electronics could be embedded into apparel to prove and differentiate low emission sports apparel.

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