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Loving Japan

By Survivingana @survivingana

For everyone who is wondering, just a quick post about how she is going. Sophie is loving Japan – no surprise there. Seems to be coping and is eating. How well I will find out when she is home. But I am so thankful that the Japan experience has been a positive one and that she has appeared to have coped.

On another high note, not only did her counsellor txt me twice before she left to make sure she was OK, but the counsellor txt yesterday to see if I had heard from her and if she was still OK. How is that for an awesome counsellor. Seriously, seriously blessed.

Soph will be home Sunday.


For me the two weeks has also been down time. No having to watch or be followed or be deluged in her anxieties. I didn’t expect such a peaceful time either, but it has been gracefully given and I have made the most of it.



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