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Love Is.. | Scribbler Valentines Competition

By Kerysmarie @littleboblab
  Love is.. | Scribbler Valentines Competition   Hello sweeties! Today I'm bringing to you a brilliant little competition from Scribbler    ____________________________________________   So, how would you like the chance to win a ipad mini? And how about getting yourself published in a lovely little ebook? Well if that sounds like your cuppa tea, then get yourself onto Scribbler and enter the Valentines LOVE IS.. Competition.   What Scribbler say:   "You have the chance to go down in the annals of Scribbler history, with your definition of love appearing in a special ‘love is’ Valentine’s e-book. (Definitely one to share!) and possibly win an ipad mini! Traditionalists might think love is growing old together, receiving a bunch of roses, cooking a romantic meal or holding hands during a lazy stroll along the beach. Others however, might think differently; updating your Facebook status to ‘in a relationship’, retweeting all of your other half’s awful jokes, letting them claim a free dinner with your hard-earned Nando’s reward card points, or letting them use your brand new phone to play Angry Birds. The true meaning of love remains unknown and will never truly be defined, but what does love actually mean to you? We want to know"   To enter the competition and to be in with a chance of winning, you simply need to go to the love is competition page and follow theses steps:   1. Enter your 'love is' answer in the box at the bottom of the page, along with your name and email address. 2. Then tweet your answer to @scribbler cards along with the hashtag #loveis    For example; #Loveis buying me chocolate when I’m feeling sad @scribblercards    ____________________________________________     I've entered myself already & hope you do too. Its such an adorable competition and if you're feeling particularly soppy, tag your boyfriend or girlfriend into the tweet so they know how much you appreciate them!   Happy Valentines   Facebook | Twitter | Instagram   Love is.. | Scribbler Valentines Competition   

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