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Love Beads

By Refriedhippie @Refried_Hippie

These things are great, traditional hippie garb. I usually make them for myself, but traditionally they are to be made and given away as a symbol of peace and unity.
These are the traditional style
Love Beads
But I think any string of beads can be "love beads". I have a few strings. One that I picked up on a trip to Jamaica, the lady said they were cocoa beans. I also have a strand that I made out of glass beads that my grandmother gave me from her collection. I've had more over the years but they break.
I found a site where you can receive/request love beads. Either for a $3 donation OR you can just send an envelope. I think I'm going to send an envelope with a $1 in it and a few stray beads of my own.
Request Free Love BeadsLove Beads
Love Beads

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