Love and Meaning of Life

Posted on the 03 June 2014 by Luciano Pacini
Love and Meaning of LifeWhen we think about love, usually we start thinking about something of noble, like the highest of human feelings. Actually I think that people are accustomed to love in a certain way. Often love is a feeling that is a consequence of how each baby is brought up in the family where was born. Parents do not teach their children to love everybody, the love that the baby will know it will be a restricted love. Sometimes can happen anyway that you encounter a person that makes you really feel crazy, only then you will experience something of stronger. And you will understand very fast why your parents treat you in that way, because love can be very dangerous. But can also happens that this education stops you from this beautiful research.  You will love one person at a time, the one who you feel that understands you, and so you want to share with him or her everything, in a mental and sexual way, if you think that is really the right
person. But how to be sure about that?Usually your love is bound in what interests you have and the rest you don’t care. Maybe inside you know this is not the real love, but you do for convenience and for family education that I was mentioned also.  But if you know that true love is freedom, communion, is infinite space and you can’t hold It between four walls, because is the strongest of the feelings, why you so easily satisfied?The soul mate is the dream of your life, because deep down we are all looking for the same thing, to be in full communion with another person. That's why I think there is much more in the encounter between two people who feel attracted to each other, because in that attraction, there is the truth of our lives, there is the creation. And the lovers that look into their eyes, are near touching the mystery of the of human existence. But they do not know how to perceive with the reason, even if  they feel something familiar, almost if they had already known each other. That strange feeling is because we are all the same thing, the same energy, but the problem is that often we are not yet able to recognize, because every person is dominated by many complex. When we look at a sunset or a sunrise, we get excited because we are dealing with something that belongs to us and so we feel inexplicably happy. The fight that there is in the world, reflects how people are far away from the real love. Human relationships are so complicated, because there are different levels of expressing the life that is intertwined with each other, so it can hardly happen that two people together can express the same life and the same heart. If this happens we consider it a miracle, an extraordinary event of rare beauty. But you must be careful, to don’t necessarily make it happens, if not you will be disappointed, everything must happens by nature. This is the biggest thing, to understand the difference between love and desire to love.It certain that one needs the other, but many people think they have found the love, only because they need that. I know that everybody like romance. This is a big mistake and happens for many reasons. And you understand this difference? Try to think about.Surely this has something to do with the meaning of life.

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