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Lotus Herbals Claywhite Face Pack Review

By Tmomw

Lotus Herbals Claywhite Face pack Review

Hi Everyone,

I am posting this review after such a long time. I took a break and was a little lazy. I changed my laptop and few files were here and there and took sometime to collect everything. Still so much work is pending!!! Anyways, lets now bore you all with my difficulties and my laziness to solve them and move to product that I am going to review.  I have sensitive skin and easily gets tanned, therefore I am trying out many face packs to make my facial skin even toned and brighter. This product is a face pack that comes in a tube and from a very well-known brand Lotus Herbals called CLAYWHITE face pack. I am fan of Himalaya Fruit face pack and love how It makes my skin bright and radiant. Read on to know more about this face pack from Lotus Herbals.

Product Claim:-

The Lotus Herbals CLAYWHITE Black Clay Skin Brightening Face Pack helps to cure acne & eczema prone skin. It draws out all impurities, dirt and grime, giving a refreshed look to the skin. The Black Clay present in the face pack shields your skin against the bacterial contamination in the most humid weather. It detoxifies the skin, removes tanning & effectively refines skin texture(from website).


INR 346 for 120gm,

INR 605 for 250gm.



My opinion on the product:-

The product comes in a sturdy tube packaging and have flip open lid which shuts firmly and doesn’t spills. The product claims to have kaolin clay and black clay which give the face pack a gray color. It smells nice and mild not very overpowering. The pack is somewhat thick and takes a little time to apply allover my face. What I usually do is either (when I am in hurry) I wet my face with rose water spraying over my face and then apply the pack or squeeze out some pack in a clean bowl and mix it with some rose water and the apply with a brush. Either way u get the same result and I personally like the first method as it saves so much time and unnecessary complications.

I have been using this face pack for more than a year now and already finished my second tube. It does brighten my skins and makes my skin even toned. It is not a revolutionary product and since it has kaolin. In my opinion it will work best for oil skin people having acne prone skin. Dry skinned people should avoid using it specifically during winters.

I have combination type skin and I myself mostly use it during summers and not in winters. It calms my irritated skin down during summers and also solves tanning and oil secretion problems. I do need to apply a moisturizer post this pack and it keeps my skin bright and healthy.

You need to use it 2-3 time every week and will get results after a month or so. If you are frequently going out in sun then it might take more time. Also do apply sunscreen or a sunblock or else you wont be able to see any difference even using it for a year. The face pack is called CLAYWHITE face pack, but please don’t expect that it will make your complexion white and fair. it makes your skin even toned and brightens by removing tan.

The product is nice and good and does the same job as Himalaya fruit face pack but is a little costly in comparison to the latter. If you have acne prone and oily skin then this product is for you. Normal to dry skin people can try Himalaya fruit face pack (review here) which is less priced.

Will I repurchase and recommend:-

I might not repurchase as tryout other face packs. I would recommend this for acne prone skin people.





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