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Palmolive Shower Massage Gel Review

By Tmomw

Hi Everyone,

The climate here in Bengaluru is good, days are sunny and nights are cool. Hope you all had a blast this holi season. During this period you incline to get very dry skin especially on my arms and legs therefore do keep yourself moisturized and scrub often. I have been using this Palmolive Shower Massage Gel since a very long time and will review it today. Do continue to read and find if it’s a good option as a body scrub or not.

Product Claim and Ingredients :-


INR 130


750  ml

My opinion the product:-

The shower gel comes in aplastic bottle with a pump dispenser for 750ml pack which is really convenient to use when the shower is on. As you can figure out from the pictures that the product is in beautiful sky-blue color and is in form of gel which is neither thick nor runny. It does contain small beads. The small beads are gentle on skin and does not help in exfoliating part. The quantity of the beads is less when you pump out the gel from the bottle.

If you are planning to use it as a body scrub then its not very useful in removing the dead skin. It is a good product as a shower gel and it doesn’t dry out my skin usually. But during this period of time my skin do need a bit of moisturizing after using this.

It lathers well and has pleasing aqua fragrance which is unisex. Both men and women can use this. It does not leave any slippery feeling or residue any easy to rinse. The fragrance is light and does not linger for long. Noe the climate is a bit dry and you tend to have dry chapped skin. It does not help in moisturize but it also does not make it drier. I have used this in other season and have skipped moisturizing part sometimes. but during this season you must keep your skin well moisturized.

Without Flash
With Flash

How to use it:-

Pump once or twice as needed on your wet palm or on  wet loofah rub between both hands to lather. If using hands directly apply on the desired body part and gently massage if using loofah rub the loofah gently on skin to exfoliate and rinse under shower when done.

What I Liked:-


Pump bottle

Nice color

Refreshing fragrance

Lathers well

What I didn’t Liked:-

Small bottles have no pump

The beads are not exfoliating at all

The fragrance is not long lasting

Will I repurchase and recommend:-

I have been using this for so long as it is such a big bottle. I do recommend this and would like to buy a small bottle if they provide pump bottle. But I will try other varients.





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