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Lost Property

By Carolineld @carolineld
Baker Street has several claims to fame: Sherlock Holmes of course, but also the more utilitarian Lost Property Office. If you lose a treasured possession on London transport, this is the place to go.
Lost propertyItems found on the Underground, Overground, buses and taxis all make their way here - over 200,000 of them last year. When Time Out visited the store rooms below the office, they found pushchairs, wheelchairs, voodoo masks, and a whole tray of false teeth. As someone who excels at losing things, even I am impressed at people leaving their dentures on the bus! Pathe News' visit in 1950 can be seen below:
The Lost Property Office has been reuniting Londoners with their umbrellas and parcels since 1933. If you've lost something, contact them on 0845 330 9882 or online, or visit in person at 200 Baker Street. However, unclaimed items are sold or donated to charity after three months, so don't delay!

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