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Lose Weight by Increasing Juice and Soup Intake

Posted on the 02 April 2014 by Health_news

Now a day, everybody wants to become slim and maintain a flaunting figure. So many of us follow different diet plans. A healthy diet includes 4 to 6 short servings. Fresh fruits and vegetables are the key factor of diet. But if you do not want to chew these things, you can have a shortcut in terms of soups and juices.

Some diet plans include having only juice instead of a meal per day, where some include juice made of fresh juice and some zero chewable food. They claim that you will reduce excess weight and remove toxins from your body after consuming juices. But if you reduce calories more than 1200 in a day, it is harmful for your health and metabolism.

Consider juice as a health supplement and not as a weight loss tool

Reducing weight with Juices and soups

Fruits are rich in fiber. But when you make a juice at home, your juicer leaves behind pulp which contains fiber. So make sure you add pulp in your juice. Instead of juice machines, you can use blender also. As vegetables contain less sugar than fruits and calorie count is also less,  it is a healthier option for you. One glass of fresh vegetable juice per day helps you to reach your weight loss goal.

There are some side effects of consuming juice. Calories in juice do not help you to feel full as compared to calories in solid. So you may consume more, because our body does not realize how much we had. So do not have a juice instead of a meal, rather have it before the meal. This will help reduce the hunger.

So try increasing juice and soup intake to promote your weight loss!

Having a soup is the simple and delicious way to reduce weight

Reducing weight with Juices and soups

Like the juice, you can lose weight and reduce body fat, if you often eat soup. You will feel fuller by soups, because of water content. Instead of having pasta or bread, have a bowl of soup, which makes you feel healthy. While having soup, you will intake more vegetables and it reduces your appetite. Big bowl of soup contains only 300 calories. It is a good way to cut down extra fat.

Vegetable soups are rich in soluble fiber and soups with grains are rich is insoluble fiber, both are good for healthy digestion. Soups are low in fat, so you can add protein to it such as salmon, chicken. You can also add beans, grains or noodles to some of our soups to make it tasty. To reduce weight, you need to swap your one meal, either lunch or dinner for a soup. Soup is much easy to digest. Soup keeps us full for longer, as compared to eating the same foods in solid form. You can add a soup in your long term weight loss plan.

It reduces risk of heart disease and other health problems caused due to fat and excess weight. Carrot ginger soup, lemon soup, green soup, cabbage soup, etc. helps to boost heart health.

Remember, juices and soups are healthy food options, but they do not help alone to reduce weight, you need to do exercises regularly to reach your goal. Consult your doctor before starting any kind of diet plan. He will surely help you achieve your weight loss goals  in a healthy way.

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