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Loosen the Reins a Bit

By Shawnaschuh
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The quote today is one of my favorites for the simple reminder of it – it’s from Harry Emerson Fosdick – “No horse gets anywhere until he is harnessed. No steam or gas ever drives anything until it is confined. NoNiagarais ever turned into light and power until it is tunneled. No life ever grows great until it is focused, dedicated, disciplined.”


Because I ride horses regularly this quote made even more sense to me because it’s not even as simple as bridling a horse – you also must point it in the direction you want and give it some encouragement – through your voice or legs and you have to relax the reins enough to let it move forward.


Today – since you have your goals defined or bridled or tunneled – what encouragement can you give yourself? How can you relax the reins a little to let the forward motion happen more naturally?


Remember, you create your day by the way you think. Make it magnificent!


Blessings, Shawna


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