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By Makeupandartfreak @MakeUp_ArtFreak
I love all of these sites where you can share your style and collect things you like in one place on the web, without the need to download it to your computer and take too much space.
I was contacted by one of the people from a new site like that which is called "LookSoup", and was invited to check out their site (with no obligation to talk about it on my blog or something). reminds me of like a combination of LookBook, Pinterest, and Fashiolista.
In this site you get a button for your Bookmarks (similar to the ones in Pinterest and Fashiolista), with which you can "collect" things from anywhere on the web, into "collections" on LookSoup. (like the boards on Pinterest). You can also collect things from other poeple on LookSoup. Then you have a "Like" button on each of the pictures you collect. You get points each time someone is "Liking" one of your pictures, or decides to follow you on LookSoup, and the more points you get, the more your pictures will hold on the top of the homepage of LookSoup (Simillar to LookBook). You can collect only fashion related items (like on Fashiolista).
So if you like all of these networks, but it's hard for you to keep it up on ALL of them, and you would like to have an account on a network that is like a combination of them all (or if you just want another one..), then LookSoup is probably for you!
Click on the image bellow t check out MY profile and collections on LookSoup, and/or if you'd like to follow me :)
Follow Me on LookSoup
And don't forget to visit my profiles on LookBook, Pinterest and Fashiolista as well! :)

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