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Look Who's on Food Network Star's Comeback Kitchen? The Chef of Love!

By Lizmckeown1955 @WritersBoost
Look who's on Food Network Star's Comeback Kitchen? The Chef of Love!
We just saw the first episode of Comeback Kitchen last night. We were so glad to see Jernard Wells again! Go, Jernard, go!
When I first met Jernard Wells aka The Chef of Love, he was a winner on Cutthroat Kitchen. He agreed  to be the inspiration and the judge for my romance writing contest. 2015 Romance Writing Contest
Then, I saw him on Season 12 of Food Network Star. Since he made the Final Three, he made a pilot about Cajun cuisine.
Jernard has written before; 88 Ways to her Heart is a way to win her over by romantic cuisine.
Jernard has taken his role as The Chef of Love to another level - romantic advice.
Here is more about Road Map: A Woman's Guide to a Good Man.
Throughout this book Celebrity TV Chef Jernard Wells will breakdown for women the many different types of men, such as ‘The Cheater Man’, ‘The Commitment Man’, ‘The Solitary Man’, ‘The Needy Man’ and several others. The aim of the book is to help women navigate through some general truths, facts, and ideas about men to help them select the right man for themselves. Wells wants to share his knowledge with women so that their search for love and the right partner will be much easier than if they had to do it on their own, without guidance. Complete at 10,000 words, his eye-opening self-help offering, "Road Map", is a comprehensive guide to finding true love and lasting happiness.Also known as "The Chef of Love", Wells is a Husband of over 18 years and a devoted father of nine, including five daughters. He is also a bestselling author of "88 Ways To Her Heart: Cooking For Lovers" as well as two motivational self-help books - "Weight Of Expectations: Losing it All to Gain Everything"  and "Breakthrough: Weight Of Expectations 2". For more information about Wells go to 
Here is the Amazon link for Road Map: A Woman's Guide to Finding a Good Man

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