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Look What I Found at the Ren Faire: The Works of Bruce Cuddy!

By Lizmckeown1955 @WritersBoost

Bruce Cuddy

Author Bruce Cuddy

Last Saturday, my husband Dan was in his Franciscan Friar's robe with his staff and I was dressed as a gypsy. I passed Bruce Cuddy's tent  and saw printed copies of his short story, The Goodbye Song in binders.
I just read it and enjoyed it. It's about singer Hayley Dalton who makes it big with Cloverleaf records. She promises to appear in a hometown concert and go to a lunch date, but people are worried and upset that she won't show. Has her rise to fame left her family and hometown friends in the dust?
Bruce Cuddy has much more to offer! You can hear more about Hayley's hometown of Huckleberry Falls by clicking here:

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