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Look at the Size of My Thighs

By Survivingana @survivingana

fat is not a feelingFat girl is back. Got no idea what triggered it. Sophie can’t tell me and seems to prefer to just let it slide. Clearly slipping back into restrictive eating is a comfort zone and so much easier than having to face whatever is happening. It means she doesn’t have to make decisions, grow up, or confront the need to be active.

Food intake back to about a 1/4 of her daily needs. A plan of doing this for 2 weeks at least. She hasn’t thought further ahead. Cancelled this week’s counseling appt. Hoping she decides to make next week’s appt.

Oh, and it’s my fault. I should have told her she is fat.

Trying to keep out of this, encourage her only and let her know she has all the tools already to fight this. She only needs to pull out her distraction toolbox, remember the many conversations with her dietitian, counselor or psychiatrist. It is all there. But for now she is choosing to not even try. I am hoping that like that last slip ups she will get to small health problems and cave in. Too soon yet for that to happen.

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