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Look 366: Blues and Browns

By Wickedying @wickedying

Look 366: Blues and Browns

Look 366

Blues and Browns

Blue ruffled top, Topshop. Brown suede shorts and accessories, Forever 21. Vest, Dimmy’s. Animal print booties, Asianvogue.

Look of the Day!

A total mismatch but it doesn’t bother me that much. When they say fashion knows no rules, I believe it. I think it is based on one’s taste, like it or hate it. It isn’t imposed nor forced. What works for me may not work  for you, vice versa.

Look 366: Blues and Browns

Now about the look, I wanted to wear the shorts Steph bought for me when she had a quick trip to Cebu. I like it a helluva lot! Thing is, I’m having a really hard time finding what goes best with it.


Look 366: Blues and Browns

Adding a pop of color makes it interesting…

Look 366: Blues and Browns

I included a bit of sumfin’ sumfin’ with my choice of accessories. A subtle hint of tribal-ish earrings, bangles and knuckle ring to complete the look. Another thing I realized, I need a truckload of accessories. NOW!


Look 366: Blues and Browns

Here’s Ambeeeeer again!


It’s Tuesday. Another week. Time is ticking way too fast don’t you think?! What are you guys up to?! Yesterday was R&R time so now I’m back to my not-so-industrious uber-lazy self. Midweek stress is starting to get the best of me.. Been wanting to get loads of sleep.. CAN’T!


I think I did nothing but browse online shops and shoe-shopping sites the whole afternoon. I warn you, it is the best punishment…..ever! When you’re broke and you browse Solestruck, Gold Dot, DAS, or even Asianvogue itself, the shoes can get a little extra cute!! Meh!

Stay wicked!


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