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Look 352: Make It Work

By Wickedying @wickedying

Look 352: Make It Work

Look 352

Make It Work

Button down top and metallic shorts, PINKaholic. Bib necklace and white bangle cuff, PINKaholic accessories. Gold cuff and stud earrings, Forever 21. Nude strappy heels, SM Parisian.

You might have to forgive me for wearing PINKaholic too much. Can’t help it.. Haha! By the way, have you visited their new site? I just registered!


Look 352: Make It Work

If I were working in a real office, I’d love to wear this outfit for something like a day full of meetings and stuff like that. That is, if shorts were allowed. Lol!  I’ve always wanted to play dress up. I wouldn’t know what to wear if I were in a real working sitch just like some of you. It even surprises me that I get e-mails from people asking me how to style their blazers and a few tips on how to play up their work wear. So here’s my little experiment.. I kinda look a little bit formal but who cares, it’s fun to try something out right?!


Look 352: Make It Work

Notice my oh-so-gold-quite-impossible-not-to-notice necklace and white bangle?! It’s ze gift from Steph.. Yay! It’s so bongga, I laveeeeet! Very madam lang ang peg. Haha!


Look 352: Make It Work

This is definitely not the last time I’ll incorporate workwear-esque pegs in my looks.


Out early tonight. It’s the usual Thursday night House Music gig at our favorite place. Boyf will be playin’ while me and Steph will chika galore again.. Yeah! 

Lemme show you our all-time favorite munch!

Look 352: Make It Work


It’s the ultimately sinful Fish and Chips. Dunno why they call it that, it should’ve been Fish and Fries but whatev.. Haha! We could eat up to 3 servings of that in one sitting.. Gaaaah!

Once again I’m asking you to vote for me on MEGA’s Style Correspondent.. Voting’s til March 23 so please please please type in ” I vote Mariel W! ”  on this link HERE

Stay wicked!


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