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Look 351: Another Spine Heels

By Wickedying @wickedying

Look 351: Another Spine Heels

Look 351

Another Spine Heels

Navy blue cape  blouse, PINKaholic. Cream pleated skirt, ClosetFreak. Blue spine-heeled pumps, Pill Footwear.

Not trying to be SuperGirl with Look 351.

It’s merely a caped blouse that’s got a little bit of sumfin’ sumfin’ here and there.


You might’ve noticed I’m not a big fan of busy bee outfits but I like to add interesting twists with my look. Dunno if I even belong to the ‘fasyown‘ people because I do not dress any different than the people you see out in the streets or in the malls. 

Look 351: Another Spine Heels

Wish I had tucked my blouse properly. Lol! Whatcha think?!


Never really had good shots with this set, because there are tons of distractions in the BG. One, vehicles. Two, people specifically children. Lastly, vendors with their respective stands. It drains your patience at times.. Oh well.. 


Look 351: Another Spine Heels

Not much to say about this one. Haha!

Look 351: Another Spine Heels

But THIS! This is my newfound love!!! <3 

My spine-y babies are still a few days old, just came in this week. I knew I just had to post a look wearing them. They’re uh-mazing!


What do you think about today’s look?!

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Stay wicked!


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