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Look 339: Disco Pants

By Wickedying @wickedying

Look 339: Disco Pants

Look 339

Disco Pants

Cropped bustier and blue jeggings, PINKaholic. Gold skinny belt and animal print pumps, Forever 21. Accessories, Bubbles.

These are badass pants that somewhat remind me of American Apparel’s Disco Pants ad sprawled all over’s space sometime ago.

Look 339: Disco Pants

There are more similar photos but I can’t find them. No, not anymore. Or maybe I was just too lazy to look hard enough. Oh well!


Look 339: Disco Pants

Wearing these pants, I (sort of) wished I worked out so that I’d be proud of my bum. From the looks of the photos, squatting exercises might come in handy. Lol!


Look 339: Disco Pants

Look 339: Disco Pants

A little weight gain wouldn’t hurt.. I could use a little more muscle here and there. 

Look 339: Disco Pants

Isn’t it amazing how we find outfit inspirations from random things? As for this look, it’s obviously about that particular AA ad. Teehee!

P.S. Great shoes that I’ll forever love!

Look 339: Disco Pants

Bubbles accessories. I only own a few but trust me they’re versatile, I’m afraid I’ll use them over and over again. I suck at excessorizin’, I’m still learning the ropes of it so forgive me..

I did nothing all day but work.. I kinda messed up yesterday so I’m hard at work fixing teeny bit of problems here and there. Nonetheless, I never cease to forget my blogging duties. Anyhooo, because it’s Friday night, boyf and I have plans on going out. Yes, booze is the answer to relax and chill down. We deserve it (I think!). More so, I’m looking forward munchin’ on my favorite pulutan that is, Fish and Chips at Boy’s. Forget the nasty bilbil I’m going to earn in the coming week. Cheap thrills….I love! 

Stay wicked!


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