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Look 337: Pink and Purple

By Wickedying @wickedying

Look 337: Pink and Purple

Look 337

Pink and Purple

White tank top, Forever 21. Longsleeved crochet top and hot pink shorts, PINKaholic. Purple glitter heels, Pill. Tassel necklace, Bubbles.

Look 337: Pink and Purple

Girly look for today because I was too edgy yesterday.. Haha!

I’ve always wanted to try out pairing pink and purple in an outfit without making it look like it’s going overboard.

The crochet top and hot pink shorts was one of my outfits when I was in Cebu. It came on great for the chilly weather but I doubt if it would be still be great for the summer season. Errrr, not unless you’re planning to use the crochet top as cover up in the beach or pool right?!

Look 337: Pink and Purple

Look how goofy my face looked! I was actually showing you my accessories nothing more… Lol!


Look 337: Pink and Purple

The sleeves are quite long and flared but it’s okay.. It doesn’t matter..

Look 337: Pink and Purple

Shoes from Pill are the best. I just hope they’ll put more effort when it comes to their online presence. Their shoes are the best and these purple platforms fit me like a glove!


Look 337: Pink and Purple

I see a lot of neons and colors around as early as now and summer hasn’t even started yet. I’m making a mental list of must haves and I’m telling you, it is quite a long list. I don’t own much of those stuff I have in mind…


Just got back from a full body massage with boyfie. I feel relieved now. Thanks again to boyf for the treat! Laveeeet!!! My backache’s been treating me bad this past few days, I’m glad to have it treated if that’s how you call it.. Hmmm… And oh, the city’s planning to have a rotating blackout throughout the city. It’s a crappy plan of theirs to minimize electricity consumption. Bummer! Work and blogging life would surely be affected. Electricity and internet, both are essential part of my life now.. Life is mean!

Stay wicked!


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