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Look 302: Seventh Street

By Wickedying @wickedying

Look 302: Seventh Street

Look 302

Seventh Street

Sequined top and animal print shorts, PINKaholic. Envelope clutch, SM Parisian. Shoes, Asianvogue.

Look of the Day number 3-o-effin’-2!

Brown and black are the best combo of colors in an outfit. I see to it that I stick to a few colors and avoid having 4 or more in a single look. I don’t want to look like a clown or something in that sense. As you may have noticed, the only pop of color you’ll see is my pink lippy. 


Look 302: Seventh Street

We took this photo at 7th street, we live at 8th. See the difference? They got the cutest (and smoothest?!) cemented road ever! I seriously don’t mind walking a few meters from our place just to shoot my looks here. Dang! I sooo envy their peaceful street. It’s free of anything that’s practically annoying me such as vehicles, withered leaves scattered on the road, muddy pool of water, etc.

Look 302: Seventh Street

A closer look at my accessories and sumfin’ sumfin’…


Look 302: Seventh Street

Tomorrow should have a sunny weather like this! I ran out of looks already.

I wanted to take photos in this place again….like a boss!

Look 302: Seventh Street

I look mad again eh?! 


How’s everyone’s midweek?! As for me, I got bored that I spent my whole aftee browsing through 9GAG. I know when I’m super duper bored because I automatically click new tab and type their website address on the bar. Geeez! Okay okay, I’m a loser like that. But don’t you think memes are so funny?!


Tomorrow is Dagkot Festival in Cabadbaran City. Who’s going there? Teehee!

Keep Calm and Stay wicked!


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