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Long and Lean Brooke Taylor – Work out Tips That Really Work

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Brooke Taylor is already forming a cult following, and known for taking an individualized approach to fitness and working outside the box for results ESPECIALLY WITH NEW MOMMA’S , Brooke Taylor of Taylored Fitness NY, LTD, –is known as “The Sculptor” due to her precise results with each client she works with. What makes Brooke Taylor so unique? She “Taylors” each fitness program to the individual. Working with heart rate monitors helps guide her clients to stay in their “FAT BURNING” heart rate at all times and making their program their own while finding their perfect recipe for results.

Long and Lean Brooke Taylor - work out tips that really work

Long and Lean Brooke Taylor – work out tips that really work

From Baywatch babes to new momma’s, brides and everyone in between, Brooke has worked with them all to get results! This mother of two and former dancer is a STOTT PILATES INSTRUCTOR TRAINER certifying trainers internationally and nationally, as well as ACE, AFAA, NASM and the list goes on. Unlike others, Brooke makes working out a lifestyle vs. a choir. Her various programs consist of Boot camp, Bridal shape-up, Pre and Post natal training for new Mommies needing to get their body back as well as Pilates and Barre and functional training.

These game-changing exercises will not only change the way you feel, but how you “choose” to workout. This full body workout incorporates level changes, push/pull movements and rotational exercises all designed to elevate your heart rate and maximize your caloric expenditure leaving no muscle untouched. In between each circuit Taylor likes to add in a little “cardio blitz” to not only shock the body, but get the blood flowing to other parts of the body, flushing out the toxins. She believes that training efficiently and effectively is key to achieving results.

1. Burpee Combo: (Dumbbell Burpee Push up Bicep Curl to Overhead Press): Start with your legs parallel and hip distance apart holding two 10lbs dumbbell in each hand. As you inhale send your hips back into a deep squat placing each dumbell along the outside of each foot. Jump your legs out to one long dart position finding your plank. Lower the body down to one long line to a push up, then jump the legs in landing back into your squat position. As you exhale simultaneously straighten your legs bicep curl the arms and overhead press. Lower your arms down by your sides and repeat 10x.

2. Lateral Side to Back Cross Over Lunges with a Spinal Twist: Start standing in a neutral position with light dumbbells resting by the sides of your body. As you inhale step to the side keeping your toes and knees in align. As you exhale take that same leg and curtsy behind the supporting leg getting a nice deep knee bend while you simultaneously rotate the spine and extend the arms. (Repeat this 15x then switch to the other side)

3. Russian Twist Into Bicycles – Start in a seated position shifting your weight back of your sitz bones lifting up one leg at a time. Squeeze your inner thighs tight together to get a nice adductor connection. Extend your arms out in front of you and begin rotating your upper spine side to side leading with your torso/ribcage. Make sure your head follows the line of the spine and you keep your arms straight out in front of you throughout. Complete 20x and then roll down to the ground holding your legs in table top position with your hands clasped gently behind your head. Make sure that your back is imprinted keeping the connection of the abdominals throughout. As you exhale simulatenously rotate your spine pulling your knee in towards the opposite elbow while extending the other leg. Pass through center and repeat on the other side completing 40x.

Long and Lean Brooke Taylor – work out tips that really work

* ¼ mile CARDIO Blitz on the treadmill to get the juices flowing. Run/walk keeping your heart rate in ZONE 1 + 2. Ie: Run @ 7mph until your heart rate reaches the top of ZONE 2 then drop to a 4.0mph to recover. Repeat until you reach ¼ mile.


4. Push up with Side to Side Jumps – Start in a wide plank stance making sure your hands are directly underneath your shoulders and your legs are in wide supporting stance. Inhale to bend your elbows lowering your whole body a couple inches off the floor. As you exhale extend the elbows. Then pull the knees into a pike and jump side to side. You will end in your push up starting position. (Repeat this 15x alternating sides each time)

5. Barre Lat Pull Down Alternating Legs – Stand facing the cable machine with your legs hip distance. Inhale to prepare. Exhale pull the barre down towards your chest and simultaneously step one leg back into a split stance. As you inhale step the legs together and extend your arms back to the starting position. As you exhale repeat the pull down and lunge on the other side. (15x)

6. Flat Back Tricep Kickbacks – Stand facing the cable machine with the legs hip distance and arms reaching out in a long line holding onto the barre. Hinge your torso at the hips in a nice flat neutral spine. As you exhale pull the arms down to hug in towards your ribcage finding a 90 degree angle. As you exhale extend the arms in line with your hips. (15x)

7. Step up Hop Step Back to Lunge – Start standing facing towards a stepper or bench. Step up with one leg to hop as you land step back with the opposite leg and then lunge. Repeat 15 reps on one side then switch to the other leg.

* ¼ mile CARDIO Blitz on the treadmill to get the juices flowing


Long and Lean Brooke Taylor – work out tips that really work

8. Bridges with a One Leg Lift and Lower – Start laying flat on your back with your pelvis and spine in neutral position. Your knees should be bent and heels in line with your sitz bones. Place a small stability ball in between your knees for a little inner thigh connection. As you exhale extend the pelvis up to the sky into a bridge keeping the connection of the ball. Slowly lower the pelvis down to hover off the ground then repeat into a full bridge. This is a nice warm up for the glutes and hamstrings getting your body into positioning for the next challenge. (Repeat 20x)

+ Single Leg Lower and Lift – remove the ball and extend the hips back into your bridge position. Maintaining the position of the pelvis extend one leg up to the sky and lower/lift the pelvis making sure that you keep your pelvis square and neutral throughout. Complete 10x then switch legs. Repeat on the other side.

9. Quadruped Leg Extension: Start in a quadruped stance with your hands directly underneath your shoulders and your knees directly underneath your hips. Then extend one leg straight behind you. As you exhale lift and lower your leg maintaining your spine in Neutral position and your core engaged. (15x) Then take the same leg to a diagonal and repeat the same sequence before switching to the other side.
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