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London Fashion Week: Handbag Essentials

By Thedailyfashionfeed @dailyfashfeed
London Fashion Week is less than two days away and if, like me you are totally stressing out trying to get organised then I've put together a guide of the LFW handbag essentials to, you know, make the week that  little bit more comfortable. 
London Fashion Week: Handbag Essentials
1. Camera - Essential for any blogger/LFW go-er. 2. Umbrella - Well it is England...and you never can be too careful. 3. MAC Lipstick - Makes you look and feel fresher so don't forget to re-apply. 4. Percy Pigs - Keep your sugar levels up with a pack (or two)5. Water - Or Coffee, either way, you're not gonna get through the week without it.6. Soap & Glory Hand Food - By far the BEST hand-cream I have ever used, even if it's not for Fashion Week, get some, now!7. iPhone - iPad/Android/Blackberry etc, whatever your choice of gadget, live tweeting and blogging throughout the week is a great way to pass the time. 8. Leather Gloves - Self explanatory really, so your lovely soft hands (see #6) don't get cold. 9. Lip Care - Chapped lips are not a good look, and with the weather still icy cold, it's bound to happen so slap it on quick, prevention is better than the cure. 10. Moleskin Notepad - It doesn't have to be Moleskin, but it's always nice. Essential for Fashion Week, don't forget it. 11. Blister Plasters - Blisters always seem to strike at the worst times, so stay prepared. 12. Flat Shoes. Hobbling around in a pair of amazing, but painful shoes is never a good look - trust me, I've been there enough times. Stick a pair of flats in your tote and your good to go. 13. Sunglasses - Let's face it, it's probably not going to be sunny, but they're a perfect way to hide the bags from the all the parties. 
What are your essentials to get you through Fashion Week?

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