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Lockheed Vega (Replica)

By Htam

2018_TAM_1015_D500.jpg@ Santa Monica, CA

January 2018

While in Southern CA for the Living Legends of Aviation Awards event, we made time for a short side trip to see the Museum of Flying located at the Santa Monica Airport.  This small museum had some interesting exhibits such as this Lockheed Vega replica which was a movie prop from the 2009 film “Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian”.  The Lockheed Vega is an American six-passenger high-wing monoplane airliner introduced by the Lockheed Corporation in 1928, with 132 delivered.  Interestingly, the Vega was designed by John Northrop and Gerard Vultee, both of whom would later form their own aircraft companies.  Nikon D500 w/18-200mm.

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