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Lock Button Not Working? Power Off Your iPhone Using Assistive Touch

Posted on the 12 March 2015 by Anna Peterson

If you have an iPhone, then you know that it only has two main buttons – the Lock (sleep/wake) button, and the Home button. We use these two on a daily basis, constantly, so what happens when one of them stops working? How do you power your iPhone down? The answer lies in Assistive Touch!

Assistive Touch on iPhone

1. Go to your iPhone’s Settings and tap on General.
2. Next, tap on Accessibility>Assistive Touch.
3. Once there, enable Assistive Touch.
4. Tap on the circular button that appears on your screen.
5. Select Device from the pop-up menu.
6. Press and hold on the option for Lock Screen.
7. When Slide to Power Off pops up on our screen, slide your finger to power down your iPhone.

That’s it!

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