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Living My Dreams, an Ideal Yatra.

By Shivam Ralli @shivamralli167
They all told me not to become a grouchy old grumpy person when I grew older year by year.

Like an egoistic snob, I  of-course didn’t heed their advice as I was investing all my time and attention on one thing: Career.

I reached the height of my career when they made me the manager of our district. It was only when I reached there, I realised how alone I was.

Well, they said hindsight is 20/20, and I realised how right they were and how wrong my actions were.

Instead of repenting and regretting my actions, It was then I made a decision that I had to spend some time on myself.

With a new goal in my mind, I got up, booked a flight to London which was departing from New Delhi. -x-

The next day, I reached the station with a duffel bag on my shoulder, a blue coat which hung on my left arm with the ticket embedded into my passport which was held tightly between my fingers.

I reached the British Airways desk and they quickly patched me through. Within 20 minutes, I was sitting in the first class cabin of my own and gazing out of the window, contemplating whether the warm feeling which arose was due to the freedom I felt at that moment.

With a giddy and bubbly feeling, I got lost in my thoughts, wondering how wandering through the homeland of Holmes and Watson only for pleasure would feel like.

With a tiny smile on face, I laid my head back on the headrest and closed my eyes to plan vicariously via my dream.-x-

I got out of the terminal and looked at the peaceful chaos- it was the only phrase which described London for me. Peaceful, Posh, Particulate yet chaotic, fast and wet.

All it did was to increase the level of my experience as the multitude of all them hit my senses and made me grin.

With a confident swagger, I hailed a cab and told the cabbie the name of my hotel.

Within an hour, I reached my temporary abode and gazed out of the ceiling to floor window which accompanied the room.

If feeling free felt this way, I wasn’t going to give this up for the world.

I opened my duffel bag and picked out the first volume of the Sherlock Holmes series. It was the reason I had chosen London as my destination, I wanted to follow the footsteps of my childhood hero as he roamed around the streets of London. It was one of the ways through which I could live his life vicariously.

Well, even oldies like me have some dreams eh?

So it was then I picked up my book, put on my tweed coat and left out towards the aura of mystery and adventure which hid amongst the hustle and bustle of the crowded streets of London.

I began reading the book and when I finished the first story, I hailed a cab. Afterall, what was a better way than taking a cab ride to live the first story “A study in Pink” which involved a cabbie.

And that was how my adventure began.

Throughout the day, I wandered through the streets, taking a ride at the Eye to see how it felt to be at the top. Standing in front of the Ben to feel the daunting aura of history which hung around the whole city.

A mystery which revolved around the history created by Conan Doyle.
Who knew that living your childhood dreams could be so much fun? Living Dreams, Ideal Yatra. Living Dreams, Ideal Yatra. Living Dreams, Ideal Yatra. Living Dreams, Ideal Yatra. Living Dreams, Ideal Yatra. Living Dreams, Ideal Yatra.

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