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Living in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota... Why We Love It Here

By Homesmsp @HomesMSP

Why live in Minnesota? ... or more specifcially in the Twin Cities? People in other parts of the country may not see the attraction of moving to the land of the windchill factor, but most people who live here stay because we like it here. Not only are we a 4-season state, we also have the amenities of urban life with a small-town feel. Where else can you go to a major league game, go up North to the lake, attend a concert, have a great meal ('foodie' or 'down home'), bike/hike over 50 miles of scenic city trails, and have your pick of theater and music scene that is second in volume and quality only to New York... all in the same weekend!

Why We're Here: Twin Cities from Seven and Sixty Productions on Vimeo.

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Thinking about moving to Minnesota... or more specifically, to Minneapolis-St. Paul? Let me help introduce you to this wonderful place to live!

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