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Live Large

By Momishblog @momishblog
We don't do things "small" in our house.  It's fair to say that from time to time we can be a little over the top (friends who know us personally should stop laugh so you can read the rest of the post).  I used to say that unlike the rest of my siblings my screw ups were always evident because I did everything loud and in public.  They always seemed to make their mistakes in private where  they could cover them up and very few of us would ever know.  Not me.  If I were going to trip walking down the stairs it wouldn't be in the privacy of my own home.  Nope it would be at work wearing a skirt (navy blue Chanel inspired to be exact) and 3 inch heels landing me in a mud puddle in front of a large group of my male peers (yes.  that really happened).  Of course, I do good work in a large way too.  Becoming a Momish meant writing this blog and sharing our journey in a large fashion with the entire universe.  Becoming a wanna-be foodie means themed meals and advanced planning to create large experiences.  Planting an urban garden meant research and time invested into create that large impact in a small space.  We just don't do small.  Heck, we're not even small people!
Living Large is what we do best as a family too.  It fits nicely into my "Quality over Quantity" theme for the year too (rather convenient I'd say).  We subscribe to the experiences philosophy over the gift philosophy.   We aren't big gift people but we believe in packing in large amounts of memorable experiences even into the shortest of journeys.  I think it's why we enjoy getting lost.  It's amazing what happens when you get lost and allow yourself to enjoy it.
We strive to bring the Living Large philosophy into our roles as parents(ish) too.  The conversations in our house can get pretty deep and go on for hours.  We do our best to encourage big dreams and thinking outside the box.  The last thing we want is for The Sonish to live in either of his home cities once he graduates.  There's a very big world out there and exploring it is the best lesson you can give yourself.  Go explore.  Go learn.  Go make mistakes.  Go make an impact.  Go do good.  Go do as little harm as possible.  Go fall in love.  Go...just go live life in a large way.
In the words of Anais Nin "And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to bloom"
Live Large
This piece from Sign and Gift Gallery is certainly being added to the Gallery Wall in our home.  LOVE IT!

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