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{Literally Love: Life Lines}

By Whimofthesouth
{Literally Love: Life Lines}{Literally Love: Life Lines}\{Literally Love: Life Lines}{Literally Love: Life Lines}{Literally Love: Life Lines}{Literally Love: Life Lines}

Quotes are what a lot of us look to to guide us. We see a cute quote on Pinterest that just happens to remind us of the situation we are in. And it's not wrong to do that. These of some of the quotes that I "literally love" this week. While I'm growing up, I'm realizing how far I've come and how much time it has actually taken to develop into the person I am today. In high school I thought I had it all figured out...down to where I would live and what  I would do. But as time goes on and I grow older...I'm figuring out that I truly don't know where I will end up or what I will end up doing. I just know I'm loving every moment of this journey.  But we can't forget that life is meant to be lived. I used to make this list of goals and things I hoped to accomplish by the time I was 25. That list has now been crumpled up and tossed in the waste basket. Because of events from the past few weeks, the life I had planned out for me isn't the life I'm going to have. But it's okay. So many other great things have stemmed from that! In got a new job (hence the job interview attire post,) have figured out that moving to Savannah next spring with one of my best friends is absolutely something I'm so looking forward to, and I have a world of possibilities at my fingertips. I just had to throw in some Blair Waldorf, champy, and lipstick references for good measure.So C'est La Vie (Such is life.)xoBCC

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