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Listen: Loaded Lux Feat Red and Meth – Rite

Posted on the 26 June 2013 by The Raccoon @TheRaccoonUK

Loaded Lux is a NYC rapper swinging his lyrical sword via the thriving Battle Rap circuit, where at last these cats are getting the coverage people of such lyrical dexterity deserve.  This maybe a gift or a curse, as only the very best have the ability, talent and most importantly the contacts to make a splash in the Tri-State area and beyond.

Whoever is behind Loaded Lux has chosen wisely, with a great video which cuts between gorgeous chicks, Resevoir Dogs restaurant scenes, and motorbikes (This is Hip-Hop you know!) Lyrically it feels almost like Loaded Lux has laid this track on a plate for his more experienced and sonically superior (at this stage) peers, ”My Thinking Cap’s on and I’m ready to raise the brim” 

When I heard that legendary MC’s Red & Meth were onboard with Loaded Lux, I’d hope they’d bring it hard and from the beautiful soul/almost doo-wop sample with its stomping piano loop and driving rhythm, it was clear this was some heavy duty NYC Hip-Hop. Special props to that great production by AHK 2G’s, dropping that soul loop and a scathing electric guitar bend.  If  Funkmaster Flex was here he’d be dropping bombs and squawking like a chicken.

Lyrical highpoints are numerous with a gold medal for Redman on show-stopping 1st feature duties, “Shit I’m killing the Mic, Like Conrad Murray”. Method Man suggests a dislike for contact lense wearing new kid Hopsin and a lot of sanitised, talentless rappers in the game. “Eight five percent of rappers is fake, so is their chains”

This is a great introduction to mainstream hip-hop by Loaded Lux, and it’s with great anticipation as we  see his career progress.

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