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List of Redundant Statements, Words, and Phrases with Examples

Posted on the 02 September 2016 by Lifecoachbloggers

Life Coaching > Interpersonal Intelligence > Verbal Communication Barriers >Whether you are giving a speech or writing an email, it should be avoided to make your communication more effective and efficient. Here is a list of redundant sentences and statements that are used in our daily life conversations.

Redundant Statements, Sentences Examples Phrases

Redundant Statements, Sentences Examples Phrases

List of Common Redundant Sentences and statements:-
  1. All I want is the end result that matters.
  2. See, Did you notice that we both are wearing the exact same color clothes
  3. If suppose you read the past history of Ghandhiji, you will understand that he was absolutely certain about final outcome of India's independence.
  4. At present time, I’m in a difficult dilemma and I don’t know how to make a definite final decision to plan ahead.
  5. It was a major breakthrough new invention and it is an unexpected surprise to the world.
  6. I will revert back to you soon but can you please send the report again once more?
  7. He was protesting against corruption and nobody could predict the future.
  8. Today’s modern technology helps us to invent new things without any efforts.
  9. In my opinion, I personally think that you should give first priority to the environment concerns. In fact, you can able to give free gifts to people who are already following eco-friendly green practices.
  10. Can I ask you a question about the suspense thriller movie that we saw in the month of May?
  11. That board is triangle in shape.
  12. What a beautiful evening sunset and look how these small children are playing happily without any worries. 
  13. The morning sunrise was very early today.
  14. I could not go to the supermarket today since because I lost my car key.
  15. It is a sad misfortune to my friend as he lost his job.
List of Common Redundant Acronym Syndrome Examples (RAS syndrome):
  1. I will to go to the nearest ATM machine to draw some money.
  2. Can you share your PIN number please?
  3. What is the UPC code of India?
  4. I had been to the RTO office yesterday.
  5. The SBI Bank is close to my residence.
  6. I bought a new DVD Disc of this movie

When do you avoid Redundant Statements

Avoid redundant words, phrases and statements when you are:
Effective interpersonal communication, a vital interpersonal life coaching skill, is all about using effective verbal communication and avoiding verbal communication barriers during conversation. Effective verbal communication include using, prosody of your speech effectively, persuasive words, empathy words, rapport building statements, transition words.
Redundant statements, like other verbal communication barriers such as judgmental words, generalized statements, mother tongue influences, cliche phrases, verbal fillers and negative statements, redundant phrases and statements are one of the common verbal communication barrier and you must avoid them while giving a public speech, writing an email or during social conversations.

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