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List of Indefinite Singular Pronoun Examples

Posted on the 19 June 2017 by Lifecoachbloggers
(A NOSE) which stands for anybody, anyone, nobody, one, someone, somebody, everybody, everyone. So, next time when you speak or write in English, ensure that you remember this list of indefinite singular pronoun examples-- whether it is business writing or PowerPoint presentations.
Whenever you use the words--in the order of A NOSE mnemonic--such as anything, anybody, anyone, neither, nobody, nothing, one, somebody, someone, each, either, every, everybody, everyone, everything, avoid using the plural form, with the below mentioned words.
Here is a List of Examples of Indefinite Singular Pronouns:
Standard: Anybody knows how to draft this email?
Non-standard: anybody know how to draft this email?
Standard: If anyone proves that this idea will work, I will give them a gift.
Non-standard: If anyone prove that this idea will work, I will give them a gift.
Standard: Each of them has their own ideas.
Non-standard: Each of them have their own ideas.
Standard: Either task proves to be correct.
Non-standard: Either task prove to be correct.
Standard: Every task takes its own time.
Non-standard: Every task take its own time.
Standard: Everybody loves ice-cream.
Non-standard: Everybody love ice-cream.
Standard: He is confident even if someone says that it is impossible.
Non-standard: He is confident even if someone say that it is possible.
Standard: Everyone makes their own decisions.
Non-standard: Everyone make their own decisions.
Standard: Everything brings fortune to the employees.
Non-standard: Everything bring fortune to the employees.
Standard: Neither of us likes coffee
Non-standard: neither of us like coffee
Standard: Nobody knows how universe work.
Non-standard: nobody know how universe work.
Standard: Nothing makes this email special.
Non-standard: Nothing make this email special.
Standard: It is easy to conduct an office meeting, if one knows the basic corporate etiquette.
Non-standard: It is easy to conduct an office meeting, if one know the basic corporate etiquette.
Standard: She is happy only if somebody thinks that it is worth.
Non-standard: She is happy only if somebody think that it is worth.
Human memory works faster when creative memorization techniques are applied. A NOSE is such mnemonic to remember one of the English grammar rules on indefinite singular pronouns. This brief list are most often considered singular is very useful while drafting corporate emails, business sales letters, or even during verbal communication at office. Care must be taken that these indefinite pronouns are followed by singular verbs and it is one of the standards of written and spoken English.

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