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List of Generalized Words, Phrases, Statements with Examples

Posted on the 02 September 2016 by Lifecoachbloggers

Generalized Statements Examples List

Generalized Statements
Examples List

Generalizations, sometimes, can be a verbal communication barrier during communication. General Words/phrases such as everybody, nobody, always, all, everyone, and no one in a sentence or statement are some examples of generalizations. You must replace them tactfully by using diplomatic, thoughtful and sensitive language. Generalizations must be particularly avoided in resumes, business meetings and during conflicts.

Here is a list of examples Generalized statements and its replacement:

Generalized StatementsReplacements

Everybody hates him.Almost all of them hate him

Nobody is willing to listen to your idea.Most of them are not willing to listen to your idea.

You are always late to officeEntire last week you were late to office

All your efforts is waste of time.Most of your efforts are waste of time

Everyone in this world has problemsAlmost all of them in this world has problems

No one is happy in this world
Most of them, are not happy in this world or as far as my knowledge everybody has problems

Everybody is behind moneyAs per my experience, most of them are behind making money

Nobody is not concerned about the environment these days.Almost everybody in this world is not concerned about the environment these days. Or as far as I know, most people in this world are not concerned about the environment these days.

People always make judgmentsMost people in our office make judgments

All of us are exploiting the natureAlmost all of us are exploiting the nature

When you use words like almost, most of them, as far as I know, as per my knowledge, in my experience, there is a room for exceptions. Infact, this is the safest way to communicate especially in public speaking or during a business gathering as it avoids further arguments. Here is an example of an argument:Mr.A: All politicians are corrupt these days,Mr.B: You can’t say that because my dad is a politician and he is not corrupt.So, the communication is locked in this context because of a generalized statement made by Mr.A.Instead,Mr.A: Almost all politicians are corrupt these days.Mr.B: You can’t say that because my dad is a politician and he is not corrupt.Mr.A: I said, “Almost” means your dad is definitely an exception.
Like stereotypes, negative language, mother tongue influence, and verbal fillers, generalized statements are yet another verbal language barrier that can hinder to communication. Be aware of such barriers to avoid them or use them scarcely to make your communication more effective and efficient.

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